Our Services

JAD offers numerous services designed to meet our client’s tax and accounting needs. We are committed to providing a comprehensive and personalized client experience.

Individual Compliance, Planning & Administration

  • Prepare and review federal, state, and local tax returns for individuals. 

  • Gather all relevant tax and financial information for quarterly estimates, extensions, and tax returns.

  • Provide federal and state tax audit representation.

  • Monitor and make tax planning recommendations throughout the year.

  • Recommend structures for business liability and tax planning purposes (i.e., limited partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations).

  • Provide administrative services including coordinating the filing of tax payments and filing tax returns with respective jurisdictions.

Fiduciary, Gift, Entity and Private Foundations

  • Prepare and review federal and state fiduciary tax returns. 

  • Prepare and review federal and state entity tax returns.

  • Prepare and review federal and state gift tax returns.

  • Provide guidance for funding annual gifts and opening custodian brokerage accounts.

  • Assist attorneys in executing estate plan documents and coordinate funding of estate planning entities.

  • Prepare and review federal and state foundation tax returns.

  • Administer private foundations including minimum distribution requirements and estimated tax payments. 

Accounting and Family Office Services

  • Prepare brokerage account trading analysis and reconcile security positions to brokerage account statements.

  • Prepare bank account write-up of receipt and disbursement activity and reconcile to bank statements.

  • Household bill paying including monthly bank reconciliation and cash flow/expense reports.

  • Prepare personal financial statements.